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The Frustration of Tony Ferguson

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This year has brought a hell of bad luck and difficulties for everyone around the globe, and most MMA fighters will probably declare 2020 as the worst year they have ever seen but no one has been as unfortunate as Tony Ferguson who showed his anger on UFC media and took them for a proper ride.

Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson (25-4-0) had to fight his long-awaited foe Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomadov (29-0-0) earlier this year but the pandemic hit the world very hard and Khabib was unable to leave his country because of Visa issues. He was given Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje (22-3-0) as a backup of Khabib but that day bore nothing but bad luck and Ferguson was knocked out in the 5th round that ended his long winning streak.

After that, Gaethje faced Khabib in a title bout and Khabib threw his gloves on the canvas after the fight stating that he will never appear in the octagon again. Now, the belt is going to be vacant but there are a lot of contenders all around. McGregor (22-4-0) is going to face Poirier (26-6-0, 1 NC) in January and Gaethje is also demanding a fight with Michael Chandler (21-5-0). Now Ferguson stands third in the rankings, and after his fight with Charles Oliveira (29-8-0, 1 NC), nobody knows where he will stand.

Tony yelled on the UFC media saying that they always support Conor McGregor and talk about him while he is still trying to get his title shot. During his outburst, quite colorful indeed, he pointed his finger to his old management companies for constant mistreatment and the UFC for not been able to provide him the relevant needed support for his career.
Tony looked so much frustrated as he has not got a chance to appear in a title bout despite being the interim champion, and with the current situation, nobody knows what will happen in 2021. However, this seems just the very last outburst of a fighter. We have seen many in the past including the recent complain of Francis Ngannou for not been able yet to have a title shot against Stipe Miocic.

Despite we fully understand the frustration of Tony Ferguson, we must remember that UFC has organized 5 times a fight between Ferguson and Khabib to give the opportunity to Ferguson to become World Champion. However, all the fight has been cancelled for different reasons and, despite we have no way to double-check it, we truly believe that could represent a negative record in the entire history of combat sports.

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