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The mystery on Diego Armando Maradona remains after autopsy results

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A month after the death of Diego Armando Maradona details of his autopsy have been released. According to the Spanish newspaper AS, it would have emerged that in his body there were no traces of alcohol or drugs, while the presence of psychotropic drugs was found: antidepressants, anti-epileptics and a drug against alcohol addiction. No traces of the medication for his heart disease were present.

Last 25 November, Diego Armando Maradona, arguably the greatest player in the history of football died of heart attack at the age of 60. Since that day there have been several speculations on the real cause of death and whether his medical supervision was suitable for his clinic conditions. According to the rumors, Diego Maradona could have been saved if medical assistance would have been provided in time.

On 2 November, Diego Maradona was admitted to the hospital in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province where the day after underwent a brain surgery. Despite the surgery was described as successful and Maradona was dismissed from the clinic after few days, on 25 November the former footballer passed away in his home in Argentina following a cardio-vascular crisis. Finally, the laboratory results of the autopsy have been released but they are not helpful to address all the issues around Maradona’s death.

According to the analysis, Diego Armando Maradona would not have died immediately but he would have suffered for hours in his room, even 6 or 8, before the pulmonary edema due to an exacerbated heart failure, with the discovery of a dilated cardiomyopathy. All useful details for the investigation of the alleged culprits of death. The results of the autopsy, in short, would strengthen the hypothesis of crime for those who monitored the health conditions of the former champion.

As mentioned, the autopsy results do not help to understand what happened. On the contrary, those laboratory tests create even more mystery around Maradona’s death and several questions, basic questions remain: how is possible that a patient treated as an outpatient due to a brain surgery is not monitored every 3-4 hours by qualified staff? According to the post-mortem analysis, Diego Maradona has been in agony for more than 6 hours without receiving any assistance from the medical personnel allocated to his post-surgery treatment. Was it intentional? The court of Buenos Aires has already commenced the relevant investigation aimed at finding out whether there has been any criminal conduct from the medical staff.

Certainly, several doubts remain on what really happened last 25 November when a post-surgery patient was left unattended for so long despite having dedicated medical staff in his house. We all hope that the tribunal will provide us with the necessary answers and clarifications on the death of Diego Armando Maradona.

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