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Tomáš Souček, David Moyes’ new Marouane Fellaini

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Perhaps an unexpected hero for the Hammers, Tomáš Souček is proving to be a key element in David Moyes’ team while scoring very important goals like his late winner against Everton this Friday. And considering his height, playing style and offensive resources, Souček reminds a lot of football fans of a former Moyes favorite, Marouane Fellaini.

Since getting a loan deal in January of 2020 and being permanently signed in the summer by West Ham United, Tomáš Souček has become a very important player in David Moyes’ team. The defensive midfielder has added energy, balance and calmness to West Ham that was in dire need of it.

But the most surprising aspect of the former Slavia Prague man is the fact that Souček has scored a significant amount of goals for West Ham despite being a defensive-minded player. And this is something that has drawn comparisons to a former Moyes pupil of his Everton days, the Belgium Marouane Fellaini.

While these comparisons started when Jose Mourinho called Souček Moyes’ new Fellaini, it’s worth pointing out that the Portuguese does have a point. Moyes uses the Czech player in a similar fashion to Fellaini, often having him bombing forward and as a target man in set pieces, seizing his height and physical strength, which was common place with the former Manchester United midfielder.

This has paid a lot of dividends as Souček has 5 goals in 17 games so far this season, which was an extraordinary amount of goals for a defensive midfielder. Such an outstanding record remarks the quality of Tomáš Souček and how gainfully David Moyes, who has gotten a lot of criticism and mockery since his failure at Manchester United, managed to get the most out of his player.

Definitely, Tomáš Souček is a very interesting player who is most likely in a team that is suited to his skill set and qualities.

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