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Toronto Raptors May Choose Nashville as Temporary Home

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The closure of the Canadian borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic will temporarily force Toronto Raptors to choose a new arena for home games.

Until the borders of Canada will be fully reopened, the Raptors, NBA team from Toronto, shall choose a temporary new home for its matches. In the past few days the Raptors’ executives have made an inspection of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, one of the most likely venues to be chosen by the Canadian team.

According to The Athletic, Nashville is one of the cities considered by the Toronto Raptors as a possible temporary home in the United States. Some Raptors executives were particularly please with the visit paid to the Tennessee city’s facilities a few days ago. The Bridgestone Arena, the arena that hosts collegiate basketball games and those of the Predators in NHL, seems to be a feasible and valued venue by the Toronto Raptors’ management.

After last Friday’s vote, which set the start of the 2020-21 season for December 22, time is shortening for Toronto, which will have to find a solution as soon as possible. Kansas City remains another viable option. However, following the decision of Toronto Blue Jays, which they chose Buffalo for their MLB games, it seems less likely now.

The important thing for the Raptors is not to be too far away from the Atlantic Division franchises, against which they will find themselves playing most of the games in this reduced regular season: from New York to Nashville it takes a couple of hours of flight time, a route that the Raptors could travel frequently in the coming months.

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