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Tottenham, the submarine of the English Premier League

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José Mourinho’s Tottenham, together with Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, leads the English Premier League standings at 20 points after 9 matches. Tottenham’s players seem to have fully absorbed the pragmatism of Mourinho making them as dangerous as never before.

Tottenham is leading the English Premier League. I guess not many football enthusiasts could have predicted it. Of course, it is way too early to jump to conclusions. Mourinho himself, partly bluffing to release pressure and partly because he is a realistic coach, mentioned that Tottenham is not going to win the English Premier League. To some extent, we agree but never underestimate Mourinho’s pragmatism and his ability to get the best of his players when stamina counts the most like during a season with almost no rest.

So, we were saying, the Spurs, together with Liverpool, collected 20 points after 9 matches being ahead of the pack in the English Premier League standings. This had not happened since August 2014 and before January 1985. Tottenham is a cynical team, perhaps not brilliant, definitely not as beautiful as Liverpool to watch, but absolutely to be taken into account. Underestimating this Tottenham could be a costly mistake for Liverpool and anyone else who has such ambition of winning the 2020-21 English Premier League.

Last Saturday, against Manchester City, we have seen a perfect summary of how Mourinho interprets football. Not a beauty contest, just a brutal and cynical battle where winning is the only thing which really counts. 3 points is all you need to be happy. No more, no less. We have seen a similar story already when Jose Mourinho brought Inter Milan on top of the European football in 2010. A story which was already the copy of what the Portuguese manager achieved with Porto few years earlier.

This is Mourinho in essence, a coach who does not perform well as an admiral of a carrier. The manager of Setubal is a perfect “killing” machine on a submarine when nobody sees him coming. This Tottenham is nothing special: Son, Kane, Bale, Lucas, Lo Celso, Lamela and Bergwijn are the “big” names. Now go back to read the “nothing special” players at Inter Milan in 2010 or Porto in 2004. Those teams did not have anything special, except for their coaches, the Special One. Go Jose’, nobody is seeing you coming.

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