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Tottenham vs Man City means Mourinho vs Guardiola

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Finally, the English Premier League is back, and it is back in style. Not only we will have the eternal duel between Mourinho and Guardiola. But also, on Sunday, there will be the match between Liverpool and Leicester to decide which team deserves the top spot in the standings.

They never like each other. Particularly, when they were both in Spain, one on the bench of Barcelona, and the other one as Real Madrid’s manager, Mourinho and Guardiola never missed a chance to create controversies.  Then, there was a moment when both were sharing the same city’s benches: Manchester, definitely not a good moment to make peace. This Saturday, two of the most successful football coaches in modern history, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, will be again side by side, against each other.

Tottenham vs Manchester City will be played on Saturday in London. Other than the duel between Pep and Mou, the match is crucial for the teams as well. Currently, the Spurs are second in the standings with 17 points and winning against Man City would confirm them as a main Liverpool’s rival for the title. Manchester City, on the contrary, they need to win if they want to remain in the race for the EPL title. Currently in 10th place with 12 points (-1 game, so potentially 15 points), Guardiola needs certainties from his players and to show that the recent renewal of his contract until 2023 is not a mistake.

Mourinho apparently is keen to rely on Harry Kane and Bale, Ndombelé and Son behind him. Aurier should replace Doherty as right full-back. Man City’s formation is not clear as of today since Mendy, Ake, Sterling and Aguero are not at the top of the condition, Fernandinho is out.

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