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Tracking pucks appears to be a failure

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Attempting to embrace technology: the NHL has attempted for years to have technology inside ice hockey pucks, with poor results or high costs or a combination of both. The league has now pulled the plug on the idea, at least for the foreseeable future. NHL cited numerous complaints about their performance during the early stages of this season.

The NHL took a close look at the first shipment of the pucks and noted they did not receive “the same precise finishing treatments during the offseason manufacturing process as were used during the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs.” It has been stated by a certain group of players that the pucks don’t slide and are just flat out terribly.

Before using in game action again, a new supply of pucks will have to go through a rigorous quality control test. Until that time, the pucks used for the 2019-2020 season will be used. But for those that want the tracking, have no fear, the league will continue to use optical player tracking. This will be groundbreaking for the NHL, as it’s the first full season that the puck and player tracking will be implemented.

What does this mean for the league? It is an attempt to provide a substantial amount of information and data to make RV broadcasts better and to enhance sports wagering. The most recent version of the technology was first used during last season’s playoffs with the sensor tracked by antennae in arena rafters.

One must wonder if the newer version will be better and how far the use of technology will go. While it’s great to take advantage of all technology has to offer, it cannot be done so at expense of diminished and inferior equipment, which will reduce level of play. A balance must be reached to reach full benefits.

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