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Tyler Herro Stars in Song (Video Included)

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If you know anything about basketball, by now you should be familiar with the name Tyler Herro. From his internet famous high school mixtapes, to his grinding mentality at the University of Kentucky, this man simply will not stop.

There is also the famous clip of an interview with him and Jimmy Butler, where they learn Herro cannot swim. Butler calls this Herro’s “Hood Tendencies”. Although most of his popularity came from off the court events, he rose to stardom during the Miami Heat’s 2020 Playoff Run in the NBA Bubble this past year.

Tyler Herro shot lights out in almost every game and became the first person born in the 2000’s to reach the NBA Conference Finals and the NBA Finals in general. Herro also averaged around twenty points throughout the playoffs, a remarkable number for a rookie. This average actually broke Dwyane Wade’s record for playoff points per game as a rookie for the Miami Heat. With all this hype surrounding Tyler Herro, it was only a matter of time until he would become internet famous again.

That time would come none other than this past weekend when rapper Jack Harlow dropped a song called Tyler Herro. Of course, the centerpiece of the music video was none other than Tyler Herro himself, who seemed to enjoy the antics. They even swapped jerseys at the end to promote Harlow’s new album. Although the name of the song is titled after the basketball star, only thirty seconds of the entire song are about the rookie, a disappointment if you ask me.

In the end, it is still a funny video and unique thing that Tyler Herro can add to his resume and rookie year. Now let’s just see what he does next year to top this amazing season.

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