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Tyson Fury, Usyk Will Be “Slaughtered like a Lamb”

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Likewise Anthony Joshua, also the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “Gipsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21KO) observed with interest the second heavyweight fight of Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (18-0, 13KO), which took place two weeks ago in Wembley, London against Dereck Chisora (32-10, 23KO). Usyk won the bout.

Tyson Fury has been very straightforward in explaining why, in his opinion, Oleksandr Usyk has moved to the wrong division (i.e. heavyweight). According to the British WBC and “lineal” world champion, Usyk is simply too small, too light to fight in the top division and the Ukrainian fighter has no chance against big guys like him. Speaking to TalkSport, Tyson Fury mentioned that the arrival of Usyk to the heavyweight division would not represent an issue for the top 15 fighters, and none of them are terrorized by the idea of fighting against the Ukrainian undefeated boxer.

Tyson Fury went on adding that, in his opinion, the heavyweight class is no longer what it was used to be, and Derek Chisora is probably the smallest of the top heavyweight fighters. According to Fury, as soon as Oleksandr Usyk will face a bigger guy with a heavier punch, he will be “slaughtered like a lamb”.

Fury himself had met Derek Chisora twice before becoming world champion for the first time in the heavyweight division and, under both circumstances, the “Gipsy King” had not found any particular issue in securing the victory. Two weeks ago, Usyk, although winning in a clear-cut manner, had some headache, especially in the early rounds of the contest.

So, Tyson Fury has expressed his crystal-clear opinion: Usyk is in the wrong division. As usual, we respect opinions of everybody especially if they come from bright and smart boxers as Tyson Fury is. From the tone and the posture, we also felt that Tyson Fury was honest in his assessment and there was no trash-talking or offense in his words. I guess we only need to wait few more months and we will know whether the “Gypsy King” is correct or, as we all hope, pure boxing skills, strategy and tactics may count more than the physical stance.

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