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UFC 256 – Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler?

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UFC 256 is not so far away, and it has already taken a few hits as Amanda Nunes (20-4-0) has been forced out because of an injury. Few other fights are arranged but the Ultimate Fighting Championship has not made any decisions in regards to the Main Event. There are a lot of possibilities but if UFC wants to draw some views, it will have to give some best to the fans.

Former Bellator Lightweight champion, Michael Chandler (21-5-0) has recently signed with UFC as a free agent but he has not got any chance to fight with anybody yet. He was a backup to the main event of UFC 254 but his services were not needed. Chandler seems very hungry to fight with a top-five ranked lightweight, he showed his interest to compete against Tony Ferguson (25-4-0) since the fight between McGregor (22-4-0) and Poirier (26-6-1) is scheduled to fight in January, and Justin Gaethje (22-3-0) has just fought with Khabib Nurmagomadov (29-0-0) recently.

Tony Ferguson has released a new video in which he asks UFC for a fight. The former Interim Lightweight Champion said, “I’m not used to saying I have a chip on my shoulder but dammit, I want to compete. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines”.

He urged UFC to give Chandler against him in December as the promotion will have to find a good pair for the main event of UFC 256, and these 2 fighters can save the day for the UFC. Previously, Ferguson was more interested in a bout against Khabib. However, it seems that Khabib is officially retired and it’s unclear if Khabib will come back or not. Therefore, Ferguson shifted his attention to Chandler as he thinks that he is tired of warming the bench.

In the long term, Ferguson said that he will wait for a fight against the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomadov, with whom, the fight was scheduled five times and every time it got canceled for various reasons. Dana White was very hopeful that Khabib will come back but, right now, fans are waiting to see something big and UFC can schedule a fight between Chandler and Ferguson as the main event of UFC 256.

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