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UFC Lightweight Division Gets Interesting as “The Eagle Departs”

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Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomadov has retired after a dominating win over Justin Gaethje at UFC254 and the title is now vacant with a lot of contenders around. UFC Lightweight division is the most exciting division among all other divisions, and it has suddenly become more interesting as there are a lot of big names who can demand the title shot after Khabib’s departure. 

Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor

Conor “The Notorious” McGregor and Dustin “Diamond” Poirier have agreed on a fight on January 23rd and the fight will become more exciting if UFC turns it into a title fight as both of them are hungry, and still in their prime. If it happens, it will be one of the most exciting match-ups between two evenly matched fighters. McGregor will try his best to regain the title while Poirier will get another chance to become the undisputed champion.

Justin Gaethje vs. Conor McGregor

It can be another possibility that Dana White gives Justin Gaethje another title shot as he has shown a lot of promise in recent years and everyone knows what he is capable of. In the post-fight interview, Gaethje said that he will be available to fight within a couple of months and off-course he will be interested in competing in another title fight which can be scheduled with Conor McGregor.

Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje

A rematch between these two can be a treat to watch. Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson would have been thinking of revenge as he suffered a devastating loss at the hands of Gaethje at UFC 249 where Gaethje became the interim champion. Now when the title is vacant, there is a chance that UFC gives both of them another chance to compete in a title fight. If it happens, it will be one of the best fights for this year.

Other Possibilities 

All these fights are possible but there can be a possibility that UFC schedules Poirier vs. McGregor and Gaethje vs. Ferguson with an announcement that the winner of both fights will face each other in a title match. By doing this, UFC can produce exciting and breathtaking events for its fans.

Recently, Tony Ferguson has pinged Khabib with a post in which he says, “See you later, fathead” knowing that Khabib has retired. Now fans are waiting to see Khabib’s response but Khabib is a man of his words and the way he has described his plans, it seems there is no way back for him.

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