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What are the options for Lionel Messi?

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It is quite clear that the summer of 2021 is going to be quite an interesting one for all the Lionel Messi’s fans. The rumors about him leaving Barcelona are still strong and many fans are wondering which team Messi may play for in the next season.

The announcements of the vaccines for the covid-19 may improve the situation quickly worldwide. As a result, football may be back to normality and teams will be able again to invest freely on top players in view of the next season. And one name is especially hot when it comes to discuss football transfer options over these days: Lionel Messi. As we all know, the Argentinian superstar is no longer happy at Barcelona and he is keen to change team. However, such an investment can only be completed by few football teams in the world and, maybe, appealing destinations for Messi are even less.

So, let’s try to clarify few aspects to understand better the situation.

Neymar recently mentioned openly that he wants to play with his former teammate next season. Of course, the simple will of Neymar won’t be enough to make Lionel Messi play for PSG but the French team is one of those clubs which can afford Messi. In addition, Messi could be happy to move to a team where he has already few friends and the “locker room” would create the best conditions to have him feel at home. Also, PSG, last year, lost the final of the Champions League against Bayern Munich. PSG is a competitive and definitely a palpable destination in case Messi decided to leave Barcelona.

As said before, other football teams which may have the financial muscles to carry out such a massive investment are very few. Amongst them, Inter Milan and Manchester City, according to the rumors, have taken decisive steps to commence an eventual negotiation last summer. Inter Milan, despite being owned by one of the richest Chinese businessmen, does not seem to be back in the magic circle of the top-notch teams. In addition, the balance sheet of Inter Milan has been badly damaged by the Covid pandemic restrictions as many other Serie A’s teams. As a result, it will be hard to see Lionel Messi moving to Milan. Manchester City’s board has announced on several occasions that the club is not interested in acquiring Messi, despite the relation between Messi and his former coach Pep Guardiola is very good and based on mutual admiration. This solution could not be excluded yet and it could still be a potential option for the Argentinian.

Another option which cannot be excluded is that Lionel Messi would consider remaining in Catalonia. The two presidential candidates for Barcelona’s chair, Victor Font and Joan Laporta, have both announced that, if elected, they will do everything possible to convince Messi to remain. Despite they did not release the strategy to convince the super-footballer, we believe that they have the grip on the situation and may be both aware of Messi’s conditions to remain in Spain. In addition, Lionel Messi is highly influential inside the Spanish club and he may not want to leave unless he is forced to by the circumstances. So, it could be easier than expected to convince to remain maybe with a lifetime contract as club’s ambassador or a promise of an office job at Barcelona in few years.

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