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What is the real value of Jack Grealish?

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After a cracking start in the season and consistently being Aston Villa’s best player last season, Jack Grealish has attracted interest from various clubs. And so, Aston Villa’s management has decided to set the price.

According to the Telegraph, Aston Villa have put a £100 Million price tag on Jack Grealish, 25-year-old left winger of Aston Villa and the England national team. Grealish has always been a sharp young player highly rated by fans and pundits alike for his football skills and his loyalty to Aston Villa.

When Aston Villa got relegated in recent years, Jack Grealish remained loyal to his boyhood club and helped them to return to the English Premier League. A rare gem in this modern football where money seems everything. It was during those years that the valuation of Grealish went down but not his true football value. Since Aston Villa’s return to the main league, Grealish’s performances have been nothing short of instrumental for the team.

Villa barely escaped relegation last year but it seems to perform better in the current season being in the 10th place after nine games. And Grealish contribute enormously in this being involved in as many as ten goals this season alone: five goals scored, and five assists served. His inspired form has earned him call-ups to the English National Team where he has again impressed. Such has been his impact from the left side of midfield that many have compared him to Eden Hazard. He has the sort of dribbling prowess the Belgian was known for.

Historically speaking, there have been rumors of Manchester United and Arsenal being interested in acquiring Jack Grealish. The asking price in the summer was reportedly £80 million which was considered too high by Man United. Therefore, Manchester United decided to proceed with Donny van de Beek who came for a fraction of that fee. As for Arsenal, the gunners may be hesitant to spend so much money especially after having spent of £72 million for Nicholas Pepe, an investment which still needs to bring the expected fruits.

What one might wonder is whether Grealish priced himself out of a move to a big club by signing a contract extension at Villa in line with what Wilfred Zaha tried to do with Crystal Palace.

Frankly speaking, we all love Jack Grealish and he is indeed a great left winger. The performances and the metrics achieved with Aston Villa have been replicated in international matches with the England national team. Therefore, we feel to state that he is a mature player capable of playing at high level also for a big team. Grealish seems a strong player also from a mental perspective and very determined as well as loyal.

However, a valuation of 110 million euros seems too high also for the British football, where often players are bought for much higher prices. In addition, we are living in a difficult time and several teams have to face financial restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic. Currently gives him a valuation of 45 million euro which we believe to be a little bit lower than Grealish’s real value. We believe that a fair price would be in-between 60 and 65 million euros which is almost half of what Aston Villa is asking. Therefore, we do not see him changing any time soon jerseys for that price unless some geniuses from Manchester City decided to bid 200 million euros. You never know…

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