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When football is above all passion, a Reddit comment about Jack Grealish

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Few days ago, we posted an article about Jack Grealish’s valuation. The article has been shared in the subreddit of Aston Villa (r/avfc) and we received a comment from Billiabus (who has given his consent) which we feel sharing with our readers. We receive hundreds of comments everyday – insults, suggestions, counter-opinions, etc. – but this is one of those pearls which reminded us that football, after all, is passion and so we decided to share it with those who truly love football! Thanks Billiabus.

“It is an essentially impossible question to answer. Jack is worth more to us than he is to any other club in world football, purely from the standpoint of him being Villa through and through and, in my opinion, core to what makes this Villa team, and the club generally, so likeable and authentic. At any other club, Jack is an elite performer with a unique style of play and an infectious enthusiasm for football. At Villa he is this and so much more, he is one of us, the poster boy and in many ways, the beating heart of the new-era Aston Villa. He is, in the most clichéd way possible, living out the dream of every kid who grew up supporting Villa, kicking a ball around the back garden and imagining scoring in front of the Holte End. How do you put a price on that?

The issue I have is that players in the modern arena are commodities, with no particular loyalty to any club and the media seem to struggle with this idea when it comes to jack. Almost like “yes yes he’s a boyhood fan but surely he wants to play for one of the Manchester clubs” or “surely Villa supporters would be happy to get X amount for him”.

The truth is that he’s priceless, even if he was half as good as he is, he’d be a unique figure at the club just for his loyalty and lifelong attachment… But the fact that he is the greatest player we’ve ever produced and arguably the best to wear the shirt, takes it to a whole new level.

It’s laughable that, three months in to a new five year deal, the media are desperate to sell him to the highest bidder at the soonest possible opportunity. I genuinely don’t see how a figure like 100m would even make business sense to the owners, purely from the perspective that he is irreplaceable to the playing team and the ambition they are showing is meaningless if you flog your prized asset.

We’ve spent 5 years with “Grealish to Spurs/Arsenal/United/City/Europe” rumours and whispers. He’s still here. There will never be another Jack Grealish, let’s just enjoy him, because for any price, once he’s gone or even if he retires here, we will never have another player like him”.

Billiabus from r/avfc [Aston Villa Subreddit] [Unedited]

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