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When the “Man” himself is bigger than the “football player”. Francesco Totti kept his word.

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As promised to her family, the former captain of A.S. Roma at Policlinico Gemelli Hospital met the 18-year-old Ilenia Matilli, now engaged in rehabilitation, after several months in a coma. He brought her his jersey as a gift.

You may argue about his technical skills as football player, you may argue about his career’s successes as football player, but nobody can argue about Totti’s manhood.

Few days ago we reported about a miracle in Rome. He had asked her, a few months ago, in a video-message to “hang in there and don’t give up”. Ilenia did it, she listened to the voice of her idol. She came out of the coma also thanks to the video-message of her heart champion and today, that champion went to visit her. As promised.

The champion in question, even if he hasn’t played for three years now, is Francesco Totti, who, few days ago, went to Policlinico Gemelli Hospital in Rome to see Ilenia Matilli, the Lazio soccer player victim of a serious car accident last December in which a friend of his, Martina, lost her life.

Ilenia fought every day for Martina’s memory too: arrived in hospital in desperate conditions she fought like a lioness, despite her young age (18 years old) and she made it. “If I had known this before I would have done something more – said Totti -. It was very exciting to meet Ilenia, when she comes out we will see each other again”.

Ilenia and her family had expressed the desire to meet Totti last week to thank him in person for the miracle. The day after her birthday, he went to see her and signed the Roma jersey, the latest model, that she wears during her rehabilitation. A surprise, that gave her even more strength in her long rehabilitation.

Grazie, Francesco!

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