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Where in the World is Jordan Spieth?

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Jordan Spieth was once a household name in the golf world, and was mentioned as a contender for every tournament on the planet. However, within the recent months, fans must dig to find his name even mentioned anywhere in the standings.

This leaves many fans wondering, “What happened to Jordan Spieth?”. Let’s take a step back in time to remember what led to Spieth’s golf fame in the first place.

As a young lad Spieth was a rising star even with his amateur days at the University of Texas. Spieth has eleven PGA Tour victories including a green jacket at the 2015 Masters Tournament. This gives him a net worth of over one hundred million dollars including his lucrative deal with the brand Under Armour. Whether Spieth is a household name or not, he is still making more money than millions of households combined, so do not be too worried about him.

However, fans can only be sad for him as he is currently frustrated by the sport rather than enjoying it. Most would agree that regardless of your job if you show up to work everyday hating it, your day will be quite miserable. The issue that Spieth has been having, is that he is not even sure what the root cause is behind his poor play. He has said that if he knew what was wrong, he would have fixed it by now.

Many golfers can relate to this statement, and it can certainly be frustrating to practice every day but not know where to improve. It goes without saying that fans everywhere are wishing for a quick and easy return to stardom for this excellent golfer and outstanding young man.

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