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Where should Sergio Ramos go?

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Perhaps one of the most important and interesting transfer sagas in recent months has been Sergio Ramos’ contract situation with Real Madrid and the possibility of him leaving the Spanish giants by the end of this very season as a free agent. Of course, being Ramos such a successful and highly regarded center-back, there are going to be a lot of clubs interested in him. So, where should Sergio Ramos go?

Sergio Ramos leaving Real Madrid was always going to generate a lot of potential suitors and it makes a lot of sense: we are talking about a serial winner, one of the best center-backs of all time and a player that provides a degree of experience that any club could benefit of. And on a free, if the club can afford his salary, could be a very nice short term deal.

His contract situation with Madrid has made the news for months now and it seems that the club’s president, Florentino Perez, no longer has any interest in keeping the captain at the club next season. This opens the possibility of Ramos joining another club, but which club would be the right fit for the Spanish center-back in this point of his career? Let’s have a look.

One of the clubs that have shown interest is Paris Saint Germain. Despite Kimpembe’s ascendance in the club as one of their best center-backs in recent years, the reality is that the defense is lacking the degree of experience and leadership that Thiago Silva was providing for years. And Ramos could provide that and then some. Plus, Ligue 1 could be a nice change of pace for his ageing body and still competitive enough to challenge for major honors.

Another option that has been mentioned a lot, despite the lack of trustworthy sources, was Manchester United. And despite the fact that Ramos’ experience and know how would certainly help such a young squad, the reality is that the pace and physical demands of the Premier League could be an issue, plus the fact that he would have to partner Harry Maguire, with neither of them being particularly fast center-backs, which could prove to be an issue.

There is also the possibility of the MLS or any other minor league that can offer big wages and the chance of a golden retirement for Ramos. But that doesn’t seem likely as he seems keen in keep playing at a good level, so we don’t think this is going to happen.

PSG seems like the best option as it would give Ramos an easier league for his ageing body while still maintaining a competitive level and also the chance of fighting for the UEFA Champions League once again. And in a squad filled with winners, he would fit perfectly.

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