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Where will the top 2021 MLB free agents land?

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The MLB free agency period has been slow, to say the last. Much of it could be due to leaguewide financial constraints due to loss of revenue last season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This issue continues with fans not going to be attending games, at least to start the season.  There are still top free agents yet to be sign with spring training right around the corner. So where will these top players land? Here’s our best guess.

1. George Springer – Blue Jays

The Blue Jays finished above .500 last season and were on the verge of being one of the top teams in the American League. What the lacked is a power bat that can come up big in clutch situations, particularly in the playoffs.  That’s where Springer comes in and the Blue Jays are one of the few teams with the funds to reel him in.  He has launched over 30 home runs in a season twice and last year left the park 14 times in 189 at-bats.

2. J.T. Realmuto – Phillies

The $200 million that J.T. Realmuto was reportedly seeking was nowhere to be found, for a few good reasons. Despite arguably the best catcher in the game, that’s an extraordinarily high number for a catcher with injury issues the past couple of seasons who is entering his 30s. Realmuto always said he’d welcome a return to Philadelphia and with a new front office in place, they put together an offer of over $20 million per season for the next five seasons. With the market interest not what Realmuto hoped for, there’s an excellent chance he returns to the middle of the Phillies order behind Bryce Harper.

3. Marcell Ozuna – Rangers

The Rangers ranked 29th in runs scored and tied for 23rd in home runs last season. With a new ball park in play and the Rangers entering a rebuilding situation, they desperately need some additional power. This is where Ozuna comes into play, and he can be a mainstay in the DH role for years to come.  He led the league in home runs (18) and RBI (56) last season and has shown he can reach the seats in any ballpark, as shown when he first come onto the Major League scene in Miami.

4. Trevor Bauer – Angels

This one is more of a guess than most, but the Angels would be foolish not to make an offer for Bauer that he can’t refuse. Every year the Angels fail to make a big move, they get closer and closer to wasting Mike Trout’s prime.  Pitching is the obvious issue for the Angels, who were 25th in ERA at 5.09.  Tevor Bauer is the best opportunity to bolster the one true weak link on the team.

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