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Who has been the best Premier League player so far this season?

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With over half the games of the season behind us, it is quite a good moment to discuss about the best English Premier League so far in the current seasons. There have been a lot of quality players that have made a worthy claim to the position, but it is going to be a very interesting debate. Let’s do this.

One of the biggest candidates is the protagonist in our picture, Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish. The attacking midfielder already had a great last season, but he has reached an even better level on this one, leading Aston Villa to one of their best league performances in recent years and their captain has been a very consistent performer, often adding that X factor that all great teams have.

Ilkay Gundogan is a player we have discussed recently and he is an interesting shout for player of the season, especially if Manchester City manage to win the league. The German midfielder has not only gained a major role in the current system that Pep Guardiola built for this season after David Silva’s departure, but he is also having the best year of his career in terms of goals scored, which is saying something considering we’re halfway through the season.

Liverpool are not having the best of seasons in the English Premier League so far this year, but Mohamed Salah is doing quite well, having scored 16 goals in 22 games, which is almost as good as his league output last season, which is very impressive and I personally can’t believe there are no more people talking about the Egyptian’s performances so far this season.

Of course, you can’t talk about the best player so far in this season without mentioning Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese has been on a level of his own since he arrived to Manchester in January of last year and the fact he is so close to Salah in terms of goals scored is incredible when you consider that Bruno is a midfielder. He has creativity, spark, intensity and leadership to a United side that really needed him.

Harry Kane is another candidate and a very good one at that. Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham have been quite underwhelming in recent months, but Kane has been bailing out the team time and time again with a level of production that is simply breathtaking. Kane has always been remarkable in the last five or six years, but this season of his has been worth of a lot of praise.

There are valid arguments to pick of all of them and you still have players like Joao Cancelo, James Maddison and many others. Who do you think is the best player in this current English Premier League season? We want to know your thoughts!

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