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Will Carmelo Anthony Return to NBA?

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Most NBA fans will remember when talks of Carmelo Anthony returning to the league first started and spiked fans’ interest league wide. He eventually was signed by the Portland Trail Blazers, and while he was certainly not in his prime, he still made massive contributions to the team.

Now that this NBA season has come to a close, fans are left wondering whether he will return for another season. NBA superstar Carmelo “Melo” Anthony says his comeback is just getting started, saying he’s nowhere close to being done in the league after a brief break.

It’s no secret Carmelo Anthony was pretty much blackballed by the league until he signed with the Portland Trail Blazers in November 2019, going 10 months without a gig. Anthony spoke about his hoops future and he says there’s no doubt in his mind he’ll be suiting up for the Blazers next season.

Carmelo Anthony was an important piece for the Blazers in the playoffs and even had a postseason-high 27 points in Game 5 before LeBron James and Co. went on to do their thing en route to the NBA Finals. Anthony had 15 points and 6 rebounds in the regular season as well.

With a solid performance like this from an NBA veteran who can both compete and lead, it is no wonder why the Trail Blazers would hope to re-sign him next year. Of course, he will never return to being “Denver” Melo as Paul George would say, he is still a solid player nonetheless. A bold prediction would be if he teamed up with Lebron James and the Lakers. Both players have come public with this wish, and it would certainly be amazing to watch these two team up on the court.

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