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WTF???? DJ Mike Tyson (Song included)

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Mike Tyson is known as the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in the world receiving the title at only 20 years old. Despite the initial incredible success, Tyson did not have the boxing career everyone expected.

Other than the boxing career, also the life of Mike Tyson, also known as “Iron Mike” and “Kid Dynamite”, was rather controversial. In 1993, Tyson was sentenced to more than 3 years in prison for rape. He retired from professional boxing in 2006 after several defeats.

However, Iron Mike Tyson seems to have understood his mistakes and, nowadays, he definitely looks more mature. In addition, Mike Tyson has a huge fight coming up against Roy Jones, Jr. on November 28th where a brand-new WBC “Black Lives Matter” will be on the line for the winner.

In view of this fight, Iron Mike has decided to make a song to get him pumped up. According to TMZ, this song is a “banger” and if you’re a fan of Mike Tyson you need to go listen to it right now. You cannot find anything trashier than this!

The title of the song is of course “Mike Tyson” and he collaborated with Tiki Lau which is a group based in Los Angeles. He was known to say some pretty intense phrases about himself to help him get excited for the upcoming fight and maybe scare Roy Jones Jr. a little bit, if that’s possible with a song. There was also talk about Tyson using his song as his very own walk-in song for the Roy Jones Jr. fight.

The fight was moved from September to November in hopes to bring in a bigger pay-per-view audience in regards to the fight. This move did not settle well with Jones Jr. as he claims that the fight being moved helps out Tyson. Jones Jr. remarked “He’s a bigger guy. It’s going to take him longer to get in shape and it’s going to take him longer to get his mind right. He hasn’t been active since 2009. I fought in 2018”. Both will take out their anger on each other on November 28th and if I were you I would watch to see who wins this cat fight. Come on, legends! Let us dream again!

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